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We are horse people helping horse people.  Here to provide you with information and products for you and your horse that offer safety and security together with peace of mind because, we believe, your horse is worth it.  Whether your horses are at home in their stalls or pasture or on the road in the trailer, knowing what is happening to them is important to every horse owner.

Our cameras and monitoring systems help prevent your animals from becoming one of the horror stories that we’ve all heard about sick or injured animals.  Additionally, our barn, ranch and home monitoring systems provide security for your valuable animals and personal property.


Announcing the addition of new trailer safety products offered by
Tire Pressure Monitoring -
to advise you that a tire is going soft before
it becomes a flat or blow-out

Trailer Temperature Monitoring -
don't let your horses become stressed
by excessive heat, cold and humidity


Our Products are Protecting Horses all over the US!

Foaling -- Do you have foaling mares?  Have you spent countless hours waiting for the birth only to have to run to the house to go the bathroom or get something to eat; have you also stayed up in the barn all night only to nod off to sleep?  Then when you return or wake up the foal has been born and you’ve missed it!!  With our barn monitoring systems you won’t miss a moment of the action – and, you’ll be able to record the blessed event when the time comes!  Check out the various Barn Systems available that will transmit a signal up to 3,000 feetfrom camera to receiver.

Travel – Whether you transport your horse 5, 500 or 5,000 miles, our trailer monitoring systems will take the guess work out of what is happening in the trailer.  Watching your horses, both in daytime and darkness, with our color/infrared cameras will surely give you the peace of mind to haul any distance in any weather or road condition.  If you’ve ever opened the trailer door upon arrival at your destination and had a horse fall down or have a leg caught in a hay bag, then you’ve experienced the distress and anxiety associated with such a mishap.  See what our Trailer Monitoring systems give you instead of incurring a huge emergency vet bill.

Who can use our systems?  Any horse discipline can use our products – trail riders, miniature, hunter/jumpers, reiners, dressage, team ropers/penners, cutters, rodeo, carriage & driving, Western pleasure.  What matters most is that you love and want to protect your horse no matter where they are.

We just don’t do horses!  While watching the horses is a big part of what we help you with, we also provide back-up cameras on trailers and have customers who use our equipment in a variety of situations – on yachts for night docking, home-health aides who watch their patients from another room, for video security & surveillance on private property and in retail businesses.

Because of our commitment to our clients, we have earned a reputation for excellence in product quality and customer-service and are proud to be endorsed by Tom Seay, host and producer of “Best of America By Horseback” shown weekly on RFD-TV.  Our list of satisfied customers continues to grow monthly and you can view their comments on our Testimonials page.

Trailer Monitoring Systems – These compact units come standard with one (1) camera and monitor.  Depending upon which type you purchase, either Direct Wired or Wireless, other features and components are included.

Types of Trailers Which Use Our Systems – Living Quarters Horse Trailers, Bumper Pull Horse Trailers, Gooseneck Horse Trailers, Stock Horse Trailers, Cargo Trailers, Box Trailers

Barn Monitoring Systems – These wireless systems transmit the signal up to 3,000 feet between the camera’s antenna to the receiver’s antenna and offer many options, including DVR, Internet, and Motion-Sensor recording activation with the ability to have up to 4 cameras on the system.

Extra Cameras – Extra cameras are available for all our systems from color to infrared and wide angle.  The more cameras you purchase at the time of your original system, the better pricing discounts we can give you.  Please call us for more information.

Accessories –"for more information & to order any accessory, please call us directly at 1-877-875-7226"

Gift Certificates – Gift Certificates are perfect for any occasion for the horse owner in your life.  We offer them in any dollar amount and they can be personalized with the person’s name and type of occasion.  For mailing to purposes, please allow at least two (2) weeks processing to ensure a timely delivery via the United States Postal Service.

Installation of Products – Degree of difficulty for our product installation depends solely upon the type of system you purchase.  But don’t be concerned because we provide installation instructions for you as well as a toll-free Technical Support Telephone Number.  We won’t leave you to fend for yourself after the sale.

Support – Our Technical Support Department will be there to answer any questions about the operation of your system with the ability to reach them using a toll-free number.

Warranty – With the best warranty around – a full one (1) year from date of purchase – you can’t go wrong with our products.

Pricing – We guarantee the most competitive pricing for our products.  If you are interested in a multi-camera system or have a specific application that is not covered here in our website, please contact us toll-free at 1-877-875-7226.  We will design a system that fits your needs and give you the best discounts we can offer.

On The Road Again…”  We are always traveling around the country promoting horse safety, so visit our Events page to see where we’ll turn up next.  If we’re in your neck of the woods, stop by and see us a live demonstration of our products and say “Howdy!”