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  • About Our Owner

    Christine Jolicoeur-Smith is a division of Palomino Paradise Ranch, LLC and was  founded in June 2005 in Wickenburg, Arizona by Christine Jolicoeur-Smith.  The mission of the company is to provided "Safety & Security" for horses and "Peace of Mind" for the owners who love them because she believes that every horse is worth it!

    Born and raised in Cohoes, New York, Christine is the daughter of a former US Army Calvary soldier who served from 1929-32 in the unit which strung the first telegraph lines through the Hawaiian Islands.  Her dad, Leo Jolicoeur, was born and raised on a farm and instilled in her a love for horses from the time she was a young girl.  Together with her mom, they enjoyed watching Gene Autry, Roy Rogers & Dale Evans, and had figurines in their shadow box of Palomino horses.  Christine still has them today, along with the 45 rpm records of "Champion The Wonder Horse."  It must have been destiny that she should be the owner of Palominos.  After learning how to ride as a little girl, she ventured away from horses until college, where she took an equestrian class for PE credit.  Spending the summer of 1973 taking care of horses re-energized her passion.  However, as it often does, another detour in the road of life took her down a different path.  It was many years later that Christine finally realized her dream of horse ownership.

    Christine's first Palomino was a Mustang/Quarter Horse Race Horse gelding cross named "My Wish Came True."  After seven years of riding Wish all over the country, he went to a new home as a therapeutic riding horse on a rehabilitation ranch for teens recovering from substance abuse.  Christine's husband, Warren Smith, received his first horse as a Valentine's gift from her in 2000.  A 1990 Palomino gelding out of Two-Eyed Jack, "CJ Pearls and Guns" stood 16.1 hands and weighed nearly 1300 pounds.  He had years of experience in ranch work, rodeo competition and trail riding.  He was a great fit for Warren.  Sadly, CJ passed away on May 15, 2011 from a ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm at the young age of 21.   He had ridden all 39 states with Chris & Warren at the time of his passing.  He may be gone but he will never be forgotten.  In January 2012, Warren acquired his second horse named Spirit, a chestnut & white Paint gelding, from friends Ed & Linda Hedman of Averill Park, NY.  

    For Christmas 2005, Warren gave Christine her latest Palomino.  "Woody on Stage" or Madera (his barn name), is a 2002 AQHA gelding out of Two Eyed Jack and Poco Bueno.  His experience includes ranch work in Wyoming, outfitting and mounted shooting in Colorado.  He's a gentle, well trained horse who has been giving her many hours of pleasure in the saddle.  The first week he was at the ranch Christine had the opportunity to do cutting on Madera -- with Buffalo!  It was a great experience.  Madera has completed 22 of the 39 states so far.

    On the business side. Christine brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the company.  For over 30 years she has worked in many areas of industry and received several awards and honors for her achievements as an entrepreneur.  She was a nominee for 1988 Avon's National Women of Enterprise Award, received an honorable mention as 1989 Woman Entrepreneur of the Year from Albany (NY) Women's Business Development Center, and included in the 1989 Edition of Who's Who Among American Women.  These honors were received for her efforts as President of Smith Office Services, Inc. of Cohoes, New York, a company she founded in 1985.

    Her love of horses and desire to help others together with spreading the message of safety led her to start  Since then, thousands of people have witnessed the passion she shares for bringing these products to the forefront of the horse owner's consciousness.  The company's foundation is built on integrity and the quality of its products.  The background and experience its founder brings to the table will ensure that each and every customer is treated with respect and honesty.  Now with over a decade of service, the company has truly become international with customers throughout the US, Canada and even Mexico and Australia.

    Due to Warren's health issues, the Smiths relocated to Aiken, South Carolina in April 2013 and the company was moved the following month.  With Aiken's unique history related to equestrian sports, this provides the company with an opportunity to introduce itself to a new audience of horse enthusiasts.