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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Below are the most frequently asked questions by prospective customers.  If we haven't answered yours, please give us a call or send us an email so we can get you the information you need to make an informed decision.

    1. What is a horse trailer monitoring system?

    A horse trailer monitoring system is a small camera installed in the horse trailer which transmits a picture to a small color LCD monitor in the truck cab allowing you to view your horses while they are in transport, giving them safety & security and peace of mind to you.

    2. Why do I need a horse trailer monitoring system?

    Every horse owner or equine-transport company who travels with horses whether 5 miles, 500 or 5,000 miles should own a system to provide them with the ability to see and hear what is happening in the trailer at all times. Our systems take the guess-work out of hauling, eliminating the “what’s happening back there” feeling requiring you to worry, wonder and have to find a safe place to pull off the road in order to physically go back and check out what the sound or movement was all about. This can all be achieved at an affordable price – much less than the cost of an emergency vet bill. Consider what we’ve all spent on our trucks, trailers, tack and the horses themselves and you will surely agree that the price of one of our systems is a small percentage of that but, more importantly, consider it an insurance policy for the safety of your horse. Whatever your budget, has a system to fit your needs.

    3. Why purchase products from

    The biggest advantage of purchasing through is due to our passion for what we do. We are horse people ourselves and understand the culture, language, needs and love of horse owners of all breeds and disciplines. Why buy from a faceless, corporate electronics giant when you can get personal and professional service from someone who truly knows how you feel about protecting your treasured animals and your investment in them. Our toll-free customer service number will connect you with us at 1-877-TRLR-CAM (875-7226). We want to bring safety & security to all horses and peace of mind to the owners who love them! Because, your horse is worth it!

    4. What types of monitoring systems are available through

    There are three (3) tiers of horse trailer monitoring systems available through, all direct wired – The Basic Model accommodating 2 cameras, The Advanced Model accommodating 3 cameras, and The Deluxe Model which has a Quad-view monitor and accommodates 4 cameras. Depending upon your budget, we have a system to fit your needs. While our competition may sell wireless systems (and we did in the past), we have determined that we want what is best for our customers – both their budgets and their long-term satisfaction. With the proliferation of wireless devices taking up the airwaves, there are no guarantees for signal continuity from the camera to the monitor. We want you to have a visual on your horses every second of your travels, not an intermittent or erratic signal.

    5. How is the Direct Wired Horse Trailer Monitoring System installed?

    The direct wired horse trailer monitoring system camera is mounted in a location within the horse trailer which allows for full viewing of the horses. Several possible locations include the back right (butt) corner for slant loads and either the top middle of the back wall or top middle of the front wall in the case of a 2-horse straight load trailer. Box stall trailers have multiple placement options for their cameras, depending upon their configuration. The camera utilizes a cable run through and under the floor of the horse trailer with the plugs for power, video and audio (if chosen as an option) at the gooseneck or hitch of the trailer. The monitor is installed in the truck cab and the wiring harness’s power cable is connected to either the battery directly or to a fuse which supplies adequate amps to power the unit. The truck cable connects to the wiring harness and then continues under the body of the truck and runs to the back bumper where it is available to plug into the trailer wires. This is similar to the way the trailer lights and brakes are connected.

    6. What is the advantage of the Direct Wired Horse Trailer Monitoring System?

    The advantage of the Direct Wired Horse Trailer Monitoring System is that there is no possible outside electrical interference since the image and sound are carried over direct cables.

    7. What are the standard features of the Direct Wired Horse Trailer Monitoring System?

    The standard features of a Direct Wired Horse Trailer Monitoring System are:

    A. 7” Color LCD Video Monitor

    B. Customized truck cable length

    C. One (1) Color/Infrared Camera

    D. Customized trailer cable length

    E. Mounting Bracket for the Monitor

    F. Mounting Bracket for the Camera

    G. Remote Control for the Monitor

    8. What other options are available with the Direct Wired Horse Trailer Monitoring System?

    There are several options available with the Direct Wired Horse Trailer Monitoring Systems:

    1. The Basic Model can add a second camera (either interior or back-up) as well as a Coil Cable Connector kit which is heavy duty.
    2. The Advanced Model can add up to 2 additional cameras as well as the Coil Cable Connector Kit.
    3. The Deluxe Model can add up to 3 additional cameras as well as the Coil Cable Connector Kit.
    4. You can move your monitor to a different tow vehicle by simply installing a wiring harness and truck  cable(s) in that vehicle. Just unplug your monitor from one vehicle and plug it in the other.
    5. The same holds true for utilizing the Coil Cable Connector Kit on a different tow vehicle. With the  purchase of a second Truck Spocket, the coil can be used there as well.

    9. Who performs the installation of the systems?

    All HTM direct wired systems require patience and a little time to install. Each trailer is built differently. Depending upon whether you have the system installed when your trailer is being built or as an after-market addition, using the tools recommended in the Installation Instructions provided with your purchase, you or a trailer dealer (or another person familiar with vehicle electronics) should avoid any problems. If you are not familiar at all with car/truck electronics, we recommend that you have the truck portion of the Direct Wired System installed by a professional. An auto electronics company which installs car stereos and alarm systems will be very familiar with the requirements for our Direct Wired Systems.  Also, consult our "Dealers/Installers" page to see if we have someone in your area that is experienced in the installation of our systems.  If they are listed, we highly recommend them.

    10. Does offer technical support?

    Yes, we have an excellent technical support staff with a toll-free number available Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM Eastern Time. Once your system arrives, it is mandatory that you and/or your installer contact them to validate your warranty prior to installation. This insures that all parts of your system are working properly prior to any wires being cut.

    11. What type of warranty does offer for its products? offers a full one (1) year limited warranty on all its products provided that the customer validates the warranty by calling our Technical Support Department immediately after receipt of their systems to insure they are in excellent condition and working order prior to installation. We believe so much in our products that we have set the highest standards for their performance and guarantee them as such. Products cannot be warrantied if they have been tampered with or mechanically altered in any way.

    12. What types of cameras are available? offers many different types of cameras. Some of our most popular models include Infrared/Night Vision, Wide Angle & High Resolution, and Weather-proof housings. If you have a specific application, we can find the right camera to fit your needs.